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Active at School

Active Schools Program

My Future Academy is passionate about addressing the alarming trends of sedentary living in children across Australia. The Active at School Program stems from this passion, as well as our research which shows that kids who move more throughout the school day improve in key critical areas of development.

Face-to-face Delivery in your School

We believe in thinking differently so we approach physical activity in a way that goes beyond traditional sport and education models. We care less about competition, and more about positive participation that develops the skills, motivation and behaviours required for adopting and maintaining active living habits.

Each session includes movement challenges, games, and opportunities for reflection which promotes mindfulness and connection. All with the common goal to improve the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of Australian Children.

Register Your Interest

If your school, community group or business would like to have a discussion about the Active Schools Program please fill out the below information. 

Thanks, Jimmy.


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